Chowderheads title.

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Situated along the waterfront in PEI's most touristy city, two long-time pals had plans to create a swing-up seafood bar. Their biggest challenge aside from maintaining their friendship, was separating them from 9483578 other seafood restaurants along the boardwalk. As it would share a patio area with their established floating pizza bar, Nimrod's, we created a brand for Chowderheads that rang true to the owners and their sibling-like relationship.


A set of juvenile and dynamic characters that echo the tone of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips are used to represent the idea of partnership. Much like the relationship of siblings, while always getting up to something together, they still hold that sense of child-like innocence that won't get you into as much trouble. 

Chowderheads is slated to open summer of 2021, and we can't wait to visit.

Animation Credit: Village Sound