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District brings home a Bronze Lion from Cannes.

January 2020

Hey Alexa, can you help solve the world’s most pressing societal issues? Or how we helped save the world while sipping rosé in the south of France.

The “Change for Good” Hackathon at the Cannes Advertising Festival brings together the world’s top creative minds to build workable concepts around global issues such as water and air quality, climate change and sustainable food supply. This year, in partnership with rock stars Wunder Inc., District beat out over 60 of the world’s largest agencies to bring a Bronze Lion back to Canada.

The campaign we created centered around using Amazon Alexa to walk users step by step through a series of simple water tests. This crowd-sourced water data was uploaded to a global database that allowed scientists to make informed decisions about drinking water around the world in real time – a solution that could potentially prevent the next Flint, Michigan from happening. As more and more data is collected, the system can leverage deep learning and AI to spot early warning signs in water quality, alerting citizens using the same voice-powered interface.

Super proud to represent Canada on the global stage at Cannes with our pals at Wunder!

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