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District launches eBay's East Coast presence.

September 2019

eBays' first "Retail Revival" showcase in Canada celebrates local with a repurposed shipping container in downtown Halifax.

When online marketplace eBay launched its first Canadian Retail Revival program with the Halifax Partnership, they asked District to imagine what a bricks and mortar presence could look like. Let's see, pairing the world's third-largest digital marketplace with one of Canada's busiest shipping ports – yup, a shipping container ended up being the perfect symbol. Plus, they're weather-proof, easy to move around and surprisingly affordable.

District handled the built design, branding and project management that saw the project launch within a condensed six-week ideation and build schedule. Mapping eBay's colourful brand palette and Always Open messaging to the container volume created an eye-catching experience that celebrated Halifax's retailers and eBay alike, generating significant awareness for the launch across a variety of media channels.

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