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District launches new packaging design for Whole Foods.

November 2019

Launching a new brand from coast to coast across 43 states? Sure, all in a days work here at District.

Working closely with our clients Nature's Way, we named, branded and designed a new omega-3 brand from the ground up - one that had to appeal to health conscious consumers from Austin all the way to Aspen and beyond. Bonus challenge? Communicate the concept of a fish oil that actually tastes good.

We began by tasting the product and sure enough, it was delicious and had absolutely nothing to hide. That set the course for our product design strategy - we packaged it in transparent glass, wrapped the bottle with a transparent label and named it "Ultra-Pure Omega-3". To support the launch, we designed and built out a brand architecture with enough flexibility to allow the product family to grow to over 20 SKUs in different flavours, sizes and formats, ensuring a consistent and powerful presence in both retail and online.

The ongoing success of the brand launch has led to new omega-3 product explorations and opportunities for the Nature's Way Ultra Pure brand across additional retail channels.

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