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Quarantine sucks.

This may just make it suck a little less.

The 14-day Self Isolation Countdown Calendar

Like an advent calendar and a therapist all in one.

With people returning home to the Maritimes facing a mandatory 2 week quarantine, we wanted to do our part to brighten the spirits of those who have to self-isolate. Consider this advent-style countdown calendar your spiritual guide through this period of self-reflection, personal growth, and non-stop binge watching. Filled with chewy morsels of sarcasm, because that waxy chocolate always sucks anyway.
A portion of proceeds will go to support mental health.
Our own. With a holiday bonus.
Jokes aside, we could all use a bit of mental health support these days. Proceeds from the calendar will be donated in support of community mental health initiatives in Nova Scotia. 
5 cover variations • 12" x 18" poster • 15 perforated windows

Available in store or online:

Biscuit General Store

1661 Argyle St.

Halifax, NS

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