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Design thinking = thoughtful design.

At District, we use a human-centred process called design thinking to solve complex challenges and forge powerful connections. Our history of working across sectors, borders and disciplines reflects an exceptionally diverse portfolio of clients united by one core belief – the desire to challenge the status quo.

We help small companies grow, big companies innovate, organizations thrive and communities become happier and healthier.

Everything is connected.

That’s the simple idea that inspires everything we do at District. It also happens to be the secret to building results-oriented brands. The most successful organizations in the world are defined by a single-minded sense of purpose that runs through every facet of their operations – every customer interaction, every product launch, every major management decision and every step of their growth and evolution.

Our lovely humans (and then some)

We deliver award-winning projects of every scale - from national brand reinventions right down to the neighbourhood doughnut shop. We work directly with key decision makers who want strategic results, not agency infrastructure. We're small but mighty. Excepting Pixi, our resident Great Dane. She's just mighty.
The Team
Tyson Hynes

Co-Partner, Creative Director

Gordon Morrison

Co-Partner, Director of Products and Environments

Danielle Autran

Senior Art Director

Sara Panchaud

Art Director

Madeleine Charron



Director of Slumber


Senior Snack Analyst

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